iwi Omega-3 30 softgels

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        • The most powerful Omega-3 on the planet.
          Better living begins with our unique and patented form of algae, Almega®PL. It's clinically proven to help your body absorb 50% more Omega-3s than fish or krill oil. Get more support for your heart, brain, vision, joints and overall wellness. This product contains DHA and the world's only EPA that is naturally bound to glycolipids and phospholipids. It's also packed with nutrients: chlorophyll, phytosterols, Omega-7, carotenoids and other antioxidants.

          Show Your Heart Some Love

          Protect what keeps you going. EPA Omega-3s are a powerful fatty acid that promotes healthy hearts and arteries so you can get the most out of life.

          Soothe Your Nervous System

          In a loud, chaotic world, your nervous system helps manage sensory overload. With DHA Omega-3s, you'll help support your nerve-cell membranes that keep your body-brain connection sharp.

          Strengthen Your Foundation

          Your bones and joints do all of the heavy lifting every day to keep you moving. Omega-3s can help maintain the amount of calcium and support healthy joints and bones.

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