iwi Omega-3 DHA 60 softgels

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        • A clean and sustainable source of DHA.
          Better living begins with iwi. As earth's original source of Omega-3's, our algae DHA possesses a bounty of benefits including support for your brain, nervous system, vision and overall wellness.

          Be Smart with Brain Health

          You've got a good head on your shoulders, so protect it. Taking DHA promotes healthier brain cells and helps prevent deterioration.

          Look Out for Your Eyes

          You might not be aware, but in your eye, you've got Omega-3 DHA. It helps you see in different lighting conditions. By replenishing your DHA, you'll give yourself a brighter outlook.

          Soothe Your Nervous System

          In a loud, chaotic world, your nervous system helps manage sensory-overload. With DHA Omega-3s, you'll help support your nerve-cell membranes that keep your brain-body connections sharp.

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