Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2X - Lemon 120 softgels

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    • Ideal for individuals needing the highest levels of omega-3s EPA and DHA, for heart, brain, and immune health, and for those whose doctors prescribe 2000+ mg of omega-3s daily.

      • 2150 mg total omega-3s
      • Our most powerful formula has the most omega-3s per serving
      • Unmatched support for heart, brain, immune health, and more*
      • Made from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies
      • Fresh lemon taste

      If getting the most omega-3s in as few soft gels as possible is your goal, then you've found your ideal product. Ultimate Omega® 2X delivers a mega serving of 1000 mg omega-3s EPA and DHA per soft gel. This powerful concentrate offers one or two soft gel serving options to support a wide range of nutritional needs.

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