Size: 700ml
Flavor: Frosted Black Logo
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The magic is in the ShakeSphere capsule design

  • No Mess
  • Hand Wash in Warm Water
  • No more dripping flip cap
  • Hygienic functional slide cap
  • Avoids smell
  • Measurements in Fl Oz and mls
  • No protein stuck in the corners
  • Can puree soft fruits
  • Saving you money
  • Hand wash only
  • Reduces bacteria
  • 700mls/ 24 fl Oz level fill
  • Capsule shape does the mixing for you
  • Max capacity 986mls/ 33.3 fl Oz




Existing shaker bottles have corners whereby supplements gather during the mixing process, this wastes money, time and cleaning is an arduous task. If left a pungent smell may render some shakers as a single use product. Furthermore, the rely on rattling noisy mixing accessories to breakdown supplements, which gather residue and cause additional mess. A traditional flip cap, when drinking, can poke you in the eye or drip on your favorite top in the open position.

ShakeSphere Tumbler uses a patented capsule shape that allows not only powders to be efficiently broken down but also soft fruits (it does so using centrigual force coupled with inertia so the mix is continually broken down). Two opposing half hemispheres produce a world class smooth drinkable beverage. ShakeSphere Tumbler incorporates a silicone sealed sliding cap, which deposits any remanence back into the bottle. Our capsule shape doesn't collect deposits enabling 99.9% consumption of any supplements. With the absence of corners, ShakeSphere can be cleaned in a flash, saving you time, money, and allowing you to focus on what you do best.


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